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NetNumber Guaranteed Caller™

The comprehensive, cost-effective and standards-compliant solution
to the problems of illegal robocalling and CLI spoofing

Unwanted and fraudulent calls are a nuisance and have created a massive problem for communications service providers and subscribers alike. Importantly they have contributed a loss of trust in the public telephone network.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tells us that US consumers are deluged with unwanted calls, receiving over 100,000 of them every minute, and that 47% of those calls are illegal scams. Therefore the FCC and CRTC have mandated that carriers must implement the STIR/SHAKEN framework by Sep 2020 in Canada and Jun 2021 in the USA.

STIR/SHAKEN is an implementation of the idea of marking known trusted calls, allowing service providers to digitally sign calls from known trusted sources in a way that cannot be tampered with through the network.

With STIR/SHAKEN deployed, the impenetrable wall surrounding the public telephone network is re-asserted for known, trusted callers, and a network-wide subset of trust can be rebuilt around call signing.

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About NetNumber

NetNumber, Inc. brings 20 years of experience delivering platforms that power global telecom and enterprise networks.

Our software-based signaling-control solutions accelerate delivery of new services like Private LTE and IoT/M2M solutions across multi-gen networks, dramatically simplifying the core and reducing opex. These solutions span a range of network types from 2G-3G-4G-5G to future G delivered on the industry’s most robust signaling platform.

NetNumber Data Services are essential for global inter-carrier routing, roaming, voice, and messaging. Data powers fraud detection and prevention solutions and enables enterprise B2B and B2C communications platforms. NetNumber multi-protocol signaling firewall, fraud-detection, and robocalling solutions help secure networks against current/emerging threats.

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