nnCI (netnumber Confidence Index) Press & Media Kit

Here's your look under the hood of netnumber Global Data Services' nnCI. Keep scrolling to download our nnCI Infographic. 

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netnumber Global Data Services Launches nnCI (netnumber Confidence Index) to Deliver a Range of Intelligent, Data-Based Validity, Reachability and Connectivity Insights

nnCI Expands Customer Confidence and Mission-Critical Advantages with Added NumeriCheck Tools

As a proprietary confidence index (and part of the NumeriCheck solution), nnCI rates the validity, reachability, and connectivity of any phone number globally in real time. In this way, the nnCI empowers sophisticated, accurate and ultra-fast solutions to combat growing global fraud and communications reliability and cost-efficiency security concerns.

Wondering How to Build Communications Confidence? First, Make it Measurable. 

Brad Greer, Senior Director, Data Solutions & Partnerships for netnumber global data services, penned this insightful article to explain the need for nnCI. Here's a preview: 

Fully protected and ultra-efficient communications are not easy to create. Any organization that incorporates messaging and calling into their business model — from Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and messaging providers to carriers, financial institutions and enterprises — knows this for a fact. Still, as the role of communications has expanded and proliferated across both B2B and B2C spheres (with A2P to boot), ensuring the security of a wide range of mission-critical use cases has now become paramount. It’s at the junction of these two competing realities that many organizations now find themselves.

nnCI Infographic

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